This pav bhaji seller of Gurugram has contested the Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha elections, also nominated for the presidential election

Gurugram: pav bhaji seller: No work is small or big in the world, it should be completed with dedication. Any work done with hard work and dedication never fails. The pav bhaji seller near Sector- 15 of Gurugram, Haryana is very special in itself. Whenever you pass by this Rehdi, you too cannot live without eating this Pav Bhaji. There is magic in the hands of the one who makes delicious pavbhaji on the street. The maker of Pav Bhaji is very special in itself.

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Learned the work of Pav Bhaji Seller to fill the stomach

Bhaji maker Kusheshwar Bhagat is not only an expert in making Pav Bhaji but also has many qualities in it. Kusheshwar Bhagat has also contested both the assembly and Lok Sabha elections 5 times. Kusheshwar Bhagat told that once he had gone from Bihar to Mumbai for some work. Here he learned to make Pav Bhaji. Then he came back to Gurugram from Mumbai and started selling pavbhaji here. Gradually, as people came to know about his street vendors, his work with Pav Bhaji increased.

Pav bhaji Seller work gave him a lot of recognition

Kusheshwar said that the taste of Pav Bhaji got so much on the tongue of the people that people passing through there could not live without eating Pav Bhaji. He told that he had learned the work of Pav Bhaji to feed himself and his family and today because of Pav Bhaji, he has become a well-known identity in the whole of Gurugram. Due to this, Kusheshwar Swami also entered the election field but he had to face defeat. Even though he lost in the election field, but the work of Pavbhaji got him a lot of recognition.

Fresh pav bhaji is fed to people

Kusheshwar Bhagat claims that he always serves Fresh Pav Bhaji to people. He does not want to play with people’s health in any way. The Pav Bhaji made by them is made in the right way and in Butter. Due to this people like the taste of Pav Bhaji very much. Apart from this, he said that whenever customers place an order for pavbhaji, they prepare fresh pav bhaji and give it to them only after their order. For this reason, people come from far and wide to eat his pav bhaji.

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